For which vehicles can Chip Tuning application be made?

It can be any vehicle that runs on fuel oil. Since the adjustments are optimized according to the current mileage of the vehicle, we also get very healthy results in high-mileage vehicles. Here, the mechanical health of the vehicle and periodic maintenance after Chip Tuning are also very important.

What is the difference between an externally mounted power box and Chip/Dec Tuning?

The power boxes are completely prepared as OEM, and by transmitting their commands to the engine control unit with different voltages, they ensure that the vehicle operates with the command it gives, not in the condition it should be running. This, in turn, leads to permanent errors and wear in the engine control unit and engine mechanics over time. Since the tuning work is prepared on the original file of the vehicle, the important parameters on the map are adjusted without disturbing the genetics of the vehicle. Since the adjustment is made in this way, the vehicle provides more efficient driving without disturbing its stability in the same stock data.

What is the difference between Chip Tuning and ECO Tuning?

The primary goal in Chip Tuning software is performance. Fuel according to the adjusted file its consumption may differ. The purpose of ECO Tuning software is to save fuel because the required parameters are adjusted according to the economic use.

How does the fuel consumption after the software give results?

Since there is an increase in HP and torque in the vehicle; especially when used continuously at low and constant speeds at a speed of 80-120 KMH, fuel consumption will decrease due to the fact that the vehicle will burn fuel stably.

How does the performance adjustment also save fuel?

Due to the increase in HP and torque in the vehicle after the set file is written, the accelerator pedal you will be able to get the same powers again by pressing less than before. Less on the accelerator pedal pressing it directly reduces fuel consumption in a positive way.

How to notice the changed performance ?

After the tuning file is written to the engine control module, the acceleration and sudden reactions of the vehicle become faster and more vivid than the original. In this way, you can easily feel the changing difference

What does ECO Tuning software mean?

When ECO Tuning is performed, our goal is to reduce fuel consumption rather than performance and not to increase emission values above normal.

How can i buy the files ?

You need to register an account for free to upload and receive files to the system. You can make purchases with your credit card 100% securely in our system. To create a request, enter create request, select properties and send the file. Receive the edited file prepared for you immediately within a maximum of 20 minutes.

What is the difference between a Master and a Slave device/file?

Read/write devices are of two types. One is called Master, while the other is called Slave. The file that the master device reads is open, and every software developer is on this file he can make changes. Master devices are more expensive in price than Slave devices. Slave device users can only read/write because the file they are reading is closed. If these closed files are connected, the person with the master device can open them. File purchaser Dealers and workshops usually prefer Slave devices.

For which devices do you provide support?

We provide support for many devices without distinguishing brands. Even the leading brands we carry out the official sale of licensed devices.

Are checksums made on purchased files?

If our customer who receives file service requests a checksum, we do it. Many licensed the device makes this calculation itself automatically. If your device is not doing a checksum you can confirm this.

Do you provide support for purchased files?

The file developer engineers of our CarEcuFile site are always fast and solution-oriented. By sending a message through the user panel in an easy way you can get support.

Is there a program I need to have to use the settings files I purchased?

You don't need any software or programs for programming. Just necessary which is, you can use the files you purchased with the read/write device.

What device do I need to have to use the files you sell?

You will need some devices to be able to use these files. Read/write according to the control module you will make, the devices you need to use may differ. Because the devices may not connect with each control module. Which devices to buy you can check the "devices" section on our website to find out what you can get.

What are the prices of the purchased files ?

The price list of all the file formats made is in the "prices" section on our website. We use a credit system. According to the loan amount you have loaded your payments come at more affordable prices.

What is your delivery process after the file is set up?

Your file that reaches us is completed and sent to you within 15-20 minutes on average. We take care not to exceed this period unless we are very busy.

In what setting does your file service contain files?

We supply files for many settings/solutions. For example, the Stage 1 soft software file or we do a higher level of Tuning for project vehicles. EGR DPF AdBlue DTC Decat etc. we have fault solutions available. In addition to these, also for automatic transmissions we're making arrangements.

Can I buy map package (damos) files from you?

Damos we're selling files. Before buying CarEcuFile.com our website you can contact us via

What are Damos files useful for?

Damos files show which sections on the map belong to which hardware of the engine. These files are prepared by Tuning developers.

How can I use the Original ECU (engine control unit) file I am going to buy?

You can use the original files as well as other Tuning files. With the right devices you can write to the vehicle with the necessary protocol requirement.

Are the original files available, except for the adjustment files?

For vehicles, our original file database is also available, such as Tuning files.

What is the original ECU (Engine control unit) file?

The original ECU file, which has the stock parameters of the vehicle when it leaves the factory it is a raw file. That is, it is the file that belongs to the brand manufacturer itself.

Do you prepare Chip Tuning and solution files for each brand of vehicle?

CarEcuFile.com it makes file adjustments for the tools of many brands. In our vehicle list we can also do solution research for non-existing vehicles.