As CarEcuFile, we do our job in a self-sacrificing, orderly and disciplined manner. We are extremely confident in our Chip Tuning files.
We have files in our database that will disable DPF (FAP) maps on all car models. Our engineers are constantly working to keep the database up to date.
With our long years of rich experience, we offer services such as EGR cancellation dossier almost anywhere in the world.
AdBlue is a special liquid used in SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). It is a water solution containing urea at 32.5% of the nominal concentration.
Dtc Cancellation, Modern vehicle diagnosis helps a lot in determining where a problem is and how it can be fixed. In some cases, you may need to replace the engine completely to understand why the check engine light is still on.
Launch control is software designed to make a vehicle take off as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Today, almost all vehicle companies set speed limits on all vehicles they produce. These limits have many speed limits such as 90Kmh - 120Kmh - 180 Kmh.
Popbang Noises and flames when the vehicle reaches a certain temperature and reaches a certain speed, with soft touches on the pedal or when falling from high speed popcorn it's called.
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