Launch Control FILE

Launch control, It is a software designed to make a vehicle take off as quickly and smoothly as possible. There is no need to install this software in some sports vehicles, this feature has been added by vehicle manufacturers during production. But today, this feature is not available in all vehicles. Our expert engineers continue to grow and develop our database for new vehicles with long work for the launch control software. There are workshops we work with almost all over the world and they are satisfied with us. We are proud of this and would like to see you among us.

Launch Control HOW TO USE

The Launch Control system is named differently for each vehicle brand, but in order to use Launch Control, electronic stability and traction systems such as ESP must be removed first. In ESP systems with Sport mode, the mode is changed or the Launch Control is activated with the button.


The engine must have reached operating temperature
Your foot should not rest on the gas for a long time while Launch Control is active.
Launch Control should not be used repeatedly.