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Although all cars have different EGR valves, their errors are almost the same. When you want to cancel the egr, it is not enough to just put an iron plate between the egr valve. Because the vehicle may have malfunction lamps that are lit due to the sensor or the egr, or if you want to get more performance from your vehicle and you want to wear racing kits. In these cases, it is sufficient to send us the file of your vehicle.

When the valve is removed or emptied, the vehicle's ECU will no longer receive a signal from the EGR Valve, causing the emission shop light to appear on the instrument cluster. We can remove this by reprogramming the EGR software on the ECU.

What is the EGR Valve?

EGR is a shortcut to exhaust gas recirculation. The system is used in vehicles equipped with an internal combustion piston engine. It is designed to reduce impurities in flammable gases. The main reason for applying this solution is to reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOX) emitted by cars as much as possible.

Generally, the following symptoms are observed in EGR valve failure:

- Engine fault light illuminates

Idling instability

- Knock and hum in the engine

Misfire and sudden acceleration problems

Performance loss

- Increase in fuel consumption

- Increase in emission values

Sharp fuel or sulfur smell


Listed below are the most common malfunction codes associated with a malfunctioning EGR valve:

- P0401 - Insufficient EGR Flow

- P0402 - Excessive EGR Flow

- P0403 - EGR Circuit Malfunction

- P0404 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation A Control Circuit Range / Performance

- P0405 - EGR Sensor A Circuit Low Input

- P1404 - EGR Valve Stuck Open, Stuck Position

- P1406 - EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit Problem


Low Engine Temperature

Improved Throttle Response

Advanced Economy

Reduces Fat Pollution

Reduces Carbon Deposits in the Engine


Please note

EGR Valve should not be removed on vehicles with DPF Filter still in place. The operation of the EGR Valve can block the DPF as it is a prerequisite for DPF Regeneration.


When requesting an Egr cancellation file, do not forget to have your file made at the risk of DPF blockage.