As CarEcuFile, we do our job in a self-sacrificing, orderly and disciplined manner. We are extremely confident in our Chip Tuning files. We test all our files and write them to the files you send. Almost in many parts of the world, we have files in vehicles and this is the proof of how stable we work.

We would like to see you among us, you can sign up for free and benefit from our panel. In addition, our panel is available in the desktop program. You can download it to your computer and use it immediately.



Our primary goal is to make a pleasant driving experience for you and your customers. Our files are prepared in a unique way with our professional team and equipment and are completely reliable.

Chip Tuning is a method to increase the performance of vehicles by changing the software in the ECUs of the vehicles. This method not only enhances the performance of the vehicle, but also reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicles, and thus you will be able to use the fuel in your tank for a longer period of time. This process also removes the power and torque limitations of your vehicle, so you can reach higher revs and have a more enjoyable journey.

With the Chip Tuning process, your vehicle provides you with a more effective driving pleasure at a lower speed. We also enable you to get higher torque than normal at lower rpm. This means that you can further increase fuel economy by using your vehicle at a lower speed.

As CarEcuFile, we do our job in the best way and we always stand behind our work. We have been doing Chip Tuning for many years and getting very good returns. Thank you for being satisfied with the files we have made.

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We are committed to providing the highest quality service. We are active members of multiple forums, so we are very close to customers from all over Europe. With the advanced technology and high quality equipment we use, we try to provide you with the highest quality service. Many people have trusted us and at we have never been disappointed because we never leave the customer alone with a problem. We are in constant communication with the world's best software developers, including our friends. We guarantee satisfaction with our services!

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