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DPF & FAP system – what is it ?

The diesel particulate filter, called DPF or FAP, is a filter located just above the turbocharger and is specifically planned to reduce the diesel particulate matter / ash measure. The ambition of this filter is to create cleaner / more environmentally friendly exhaust gases released into the atmosphere.

The diesel particulate filter gradually reduces its efficiency and becomes more and more clogged, which is part of its life. This process, called regeneration, aims to "clean" the particle filter. Unfortunately this requires special driving conditions, and if they are not met, the degree of filter blockage may exceed the threshold at which the engine control computer can renew the filter, resulting in power loss problems and even damage to the vehicle.

Things that can cause the DPF fap filter to clog:

* Short trips-commuters with a large "city drive" are more prone to clogging because the DPF filter does not reach sufficient temperature. For the DPF renewal process to work efficiently and burn coal deposits, the engine usually needs to reach the correct operating temperature.

* Defective / damaged sensors-DPF has several sensors installed before and after the filter. These sensors are adapted to monitor the initial and final temperatures, as well as the back pressure of the filter. If one or more of these sensors fail, the regeneration process may stop.

* Defective / damaged EGR valve-the EGR valve is designed to re-cycle exhaust gases into the engine before passing through the DPF. In some cars, if the EGR system does not work effectively or is blocked, the amount of exhaust gas flowing through the DPF will increase, potentially increasing the blocking of the DPF.

* Defective / harmful valve caps - like the EGR valve, the rotary blades are fitted to help control emissions in the vehicle. If they do not work effectively, it could potentially accelerate DPF blocking.

Fault detection error codes-DTC

Below is a list of common DPF errors. All of these problems can be solved by removing the DPF and rewriting the ECU using our DPF Closed files.

* P0470 - Exhaust pressure sensor malfunction

* P0471 - Exhaust pressure sensor range / performance

* P2002 - DPF efficiency below threshold (Bank 1)

* P2003 - DPF efficiency below threshold (Bank 2)

* P2031 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit (bank 1 sensor 2)

* P2032 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit low (bank 1 sensor 2)

* P2033 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit high (bank 1 sensor 2)

* P2034 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit (bank 2 sensor 2)

* P2035 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit low (bank 2 sensor 2)

* P2036 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit high (bank 2 sensor 2)

* P242F - DPF restriction - Ash accumulation

* P244A - DPF differential pressure too low (Bank 1)

* P244B - DPF differential pressure too high (Bank 1)

* P2452 - DPF pressure sensor A circuit

* P2453 - DPF pressure sensor A circuit range / performance

* P2454 - DPF pressure sensor A circuit low

* P2455 - DPF pressure sensor A circuit high

* P2458 - DPF regeneration time

* P2459 - DPF regeneration frequency

* P2463 - DPF Restriction - Soot build up


Symptoms that can be observed when there is a problem with DPF / FAP, and you need to call your professional car workshop service:

* Smoke from vehicle exhaust

* Higher fuel consumption

* Turbo Delay

* Go to the emergency service text on the display

* DPF / FAP Light

* Engine light