How Does the Suspension System Work?

How Does the Suspension System Work?

 As everyone knows, the suspension system is an important effect that increases the comfort of the vehicle. This system is necessary for us to feel the distortions on the road while traveling in the vehicle and to prevent the parts of the vehicle from moving. It also plays a very important role in travel safety thanks to its suspension system. For example, it prevents the vehicle from going off the road or somersaulting by balancing the sway of the vehicle when turning in corners. Likewise, while the vehicle passes over the bump, it lifts the vehicle with the springs and prevents it from hitting the bump. The suspension system consists of the following parts:

 Springs: Protect the health of the wheels by pulling the load on the vehicle wheels. Thanks to its flexible structures, it allows the wheels to move up and down in bumps and pits. Thus, it is the most important part of the suspension system that provides the comfort of the people in the vehicle.

 Shock absorber: It stops the oscillating movement of the springs in the suspension system in terms of their properties. Without this part, once the springs are compressed or expanded, they would always continue to do this movement and the vehicle would continue to move up and down.

 Suspension Systems: It is the suspension system that connects the suspension system to the wheels. This suspension system is an important part of the suspension for the safety part. It ensures that the wheels of the vehicle remain flat on the road when turning in bends, and thus we make a safe turn.

 Ball joints: Ball joints establish the connection between the axle and the wishbone heads and thus ensure the connection of the axle with the wheels in any case. That's why this part is also very important for the suspension system.

 Stabilizer bars: Stabilizer bars undertake the task of stabilizing the vehicle. While the bend is turning, the spring outside the bend begins to compress and the spring inside begins to expand. In this way, the vehicle does not come out of the corner.