What is a Performance Exhaust?

Performance exhaust is an exhaust system that has an effect on performance. Thanks to this exhaust system, it is a more efficient exhaust system than the exhaust on the vehicle. But this is different from the exhaust mods we know. The aim is to use the exhaust more efficiently instead of making noise from the exhaust.

 The purpose of the performance exhaust is to break the resistance of the gases in the exhaust, which occurs in normal silenced exhausts. After the performance exhaust application, up to 10% increase in performance is observed in the engine. There is an increase in the exhaust sound after the performance exhaust, but this increase is not at a disturbing level. The reason for this sound is due to the replacement of the exhaust mufflers. Performance exhaust does not require replacing the entire exhaust system, but replacing the entire exhaust system may be more beneficial. The most effective part in performance exhaust is the rear exhaust part. This is the real performance part. Replacing the center exhaust section makes a virtually ineffective change. As a result of this change, the gases in the exhaust of your vehicle will come out easily without being compressed.