What is Nos (Nitrous Oxide System) and How it works?

Nos is known simply as a speed-up system that we are all familiar with from racing movies or games. Nos is a gas filled in tubes and its content consists of nitrogen and oxygen. This gas is filled into the tube as a liquid, just like in deodorants, and goes in gaseous form on the way to the engine.

 The working principle of Nos further strengthens the small explosions in the engine and makes the pistons work faster, and thus the vehicle accelerates. In this event, which takes place in the combustion chamber of the engine, the burning part is a mixture of oxygen and fuel. If the Nos system is made in such a way that the vehicle can lift, wear on the vehicle's engine will be prevented, but if it is done too much, the vehicle's engine cannot withstand nitrous and may start to catch fire, as the wear will be excessive. Since the nitro to be used in the vehicle is an optional system that can be opened and closed, it is the most performance system in terms of price and performance, and therefore it can be preferred by many people.