Turbo Timer

The task of the turbo timer is to work as a timer. The main purpose of this timer is to prevent turbo damage and to perform the cooling work automatically. This process also allows the engine to cool by running the engine at idle for a certain period of time before the vehicle shuts down, and in addition, with the vehicle running at idle, the engine oil continues to circulate in the cycle and lubricates the parts. In addition, after using the high-powered engines for a long time, instead of turning them off immediately, it is necessary to run them at idle for a little while, and thanks to the turbo timer, this job is done by itself without you having to think about it. In addition to all these, the turbo timer undertakes the task of cooling the hot air formed in the intake and exhaust channels in the turbo system.

 Although the turbo timer is an electronic system, it can be turned off and on with the help of an external control.